Eddie Lucio expresses concern about the economic issues in our State. Texas voters don’t like the way things are generally going in the U.S. and particularly in the region. About 37% of residents don’t think their kids will have better living conditions than they have. As we should strive to make our district the place where our children want to stay, Eddie Lucio offers further initiatives that affect the areas of finance and general well-being.

Reducing the Taxation

Eddie Lucio believes that the main problem that stunts economic growth and hinders the prosperity of personal and business incomes is a high level of taxation. Tax relief is the key to creating new jobs and developing small businesses. That allows American families to increase their income and save more of what they earn.

Affordable Financial Assistance

As residents note a declining standard of living and are increasingly finding themselves unable to cover current expenses with their savings or income, Eddie Lucio, in partnership with Texas lending companies, decides to provide financial support for those who need it most. This assistance includes fast and affordable loan options for people with below-average incomes or bad credit scores. These accessible short-term financial solutions with limited maximum loan amounts should be available to every Texas resident.

Price control

Due to the high level of inflation, people experience high financial stress and note a deterioration in their standard of living. Our common task is to control the level of prices for essential goods and take appropriate measures to fight inflation. We must also provide better opportunities for purchasing real estate as well as keep an eye on the prices. Many residents report that they spend too much of their income on housing.