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School district ready to celebrate

One-hundred years ago this month, the Texas Legislature created the Brownsville Independent School District, transferring control of the public schools from city government to BISD and launching the largest school district in the Rio Grande Valley. Continue Reading »

Panel illustrates border struggles, issues

University of Texas at Brownsville President Bill Fannin on Friday set the stage for the Texas Tribune’s panel discussion on immigration in the plainest of terms, which bordered on understatement. Continue Reading »

Texas Will Be Majority Hispanic by 2044, Researchers Say

Texas became a majority-minority state — one where whites makeup less than 50 percent of the population — sometime between 2002 and 2004. There are still more white people than any other ethnic group in the state, and whites still accounted for 57 percent of eligible voters in 2012, but that will eventually change, too. Continue Reading »

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