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In Health Care, Organizers Find Issue to Spur Hispanics

SAN ANTONIO — When Armando Rodriguez opened the front door of his home here on the city’s west side, Chris Ornelas of the Texas Organizing Project met him with one question.

“What are some of the biggest concerns you have in your life right now?” Ornelas asked in Spanish. Continue Reading »

Valley WWII vets on a journey to Washington DC

More than 16 million American men and women served during WWII, but few of them will ever see their own memorial in Washington.

A newly found organization in the Rio Grande Valley is looking to change that for South Texas veterans. Continue Reading »

UT System Seeks Partnerships, Space Research in Mexico

Randall Charbeneau, an assistant vice chancellor for research at the University of Texas System, was surprised to learn that the system did not have an agreement with Mexico to foster student and faculty exchanges and research collaboration. Continue Reading »

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